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Here I try to keep a comprehensive list of all my works currently available. If you have have corrections or questions about any story and its availability (including stories not listed here that you think, recall, or suspect are by me), drop me an email, it’ll be appreciated!

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Manuscript Editing Services

The Manuscript Doctor: Whether it takes a prescription for punctuation, a checkup for character development, diagnosis for the denouement, or major plot surgery, I’m here to help make your manuscript into a healthy story.

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About Therese

Therese Arkenberg is doing her best to earn that checkered history so popular in writer’s biographies. She’s worked at a library and as a cashier at a craft store, been a philosophy tutor and volunteer income tax preparer, and interned at two international nonprofits. She started working as a developmental and copy-editor while living in Washington, D.C. in 2013.

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"I can’t say enough about the timely and thorough manuscript evaluation I received from Therese. Her detail-oriented critique not only provided me with invaluable suggestions with regards to the overall structure of my story but, just as important, also touched upon how to fine-tune the subtle aspects of my novel to create a more superior read. I look forward to utilizing her skill set again during the editing phase." - Alex F.

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